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Why Children’s Eye Exams Are so Important

Wearing sunglasses and going for online or school-provided vision tests are great, but not enough to guarantee healthy eyes. 75% of children have undiagnosed vision problems that are not detectable during a vision screening.

Children need eye exams (with a pediatric focus) once before the age of 1, again before the age of 5, and annually after that. Book for your child today!

Growing Eyes Need Medical Supervision

Because healthy eye size depends slightly on ethnicity and other factors, your child should benefit from expert opinion. We can provide information on the healthy range of their eye’s axial length and optic disc size.

Children experience rapid growth, and the eyes are no exception. From around 14mm at birth to just under 24mm by adulthood, the axial length of your child’s eye — the eye’s diameter — largens dramatically. While growing, your child’s eyes have to stay within a healthy and proportionate range.

Without being the proper size and shape, your child runs the risk of myopia (nearsightedness). Sometimes myopia has to do with the shape of the cornea. But elongated eyeball shape can come with a more serious form of myopia called high myopia. Untreated high myopia can lead to serious complications that can threaten your child’s vision permanently.

Getting a precise prescription, and glasses or contacts help to keep your child’s vision from unnecessary stress or strain.

To keep their vision in sharp focus, they also need to avoid UV damage from the sun with quality sunglasses, since childhood is a time of life where UV rays can present a greater risk.

Our Retinal Camera

Our new retinal camera takes high-resolution and detailed pictures of the retina, the back of your where sensitive light-detecting tissues send data to your brain. With this technology, we’re able to screen for many eye diseases at once, including diabetic eye conditions, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Images render in over 100x magnification to reveal hazards to your child’s eyes.

Eye Exams for Children

A children’s eye exam from Eyes on Main is all the assurance you need to feel good about the healthy development of your child’s eyes.

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